The Introduction

Greetings to the Reader.

A statement made at a recent live performance resonated with me, and I would like to share it here.

We attended an acoustic show by Myles Kennedy, and for his last song of his encore he covered “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. During the introduction of the song he said: “Music is oxygen.”

A very straight forward, but very poignant statement. But it was the perfect last words to a performance.

It is a mantra I live by. If my last breath were to be under my control there will be music playing. Only while I am asleep do I not listen to music. It is the very fabric of my existence. I breathe music, and it is my oxygen. It gives me hope, it calms me down, it cleanses and it soothes.

My ramblings here will be about music I enjoy. New and old, but all good in my opinion. I will post as regularly as possible, and I hope that it will be at least once a fortnight.

Comments and readers’ thoughts are most welcome. The conversation about music must never stop.

Thank you for being the Reader.


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