The Review: Miracle – The Strife of Love in a Dream

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For my first review I chose something that is out of the ordinary.

The band Miracle consists of Steve Moore, a composer of horror movie soundtracks, and Daniel O’Sullivan, a multi-instrumentalist, that has been part of many projects. For me, his most notable collaboration was with Ulver, one of my favourite groups, and will be mentioned many more times in coming posts.

This album can be classified as synth pop, with various other elements thrown into the mix. A definitive Depeche Mode feel is ever-present, especially in the synth tones and the rhythmic patterns. Mr. O’Sullivan also pays homage to Depeche Mode by using a similar vocal style as that of Dave Gahan, and the vocal melodies on the album brought back memories of the Gore and Gahan heyday.

There are a couple of standout tracks on this album. Sulfur again reminds us of how well Depeche Mode wrote songs in the past. Dreamours has latter-day Ulver written all over it, and I would say that it is my favourite track on the album. Angelix brings in a bit of slow tempo EDM, with elements of drone and repetition borrowed from masters Sunn O))) (where Mr. O’Sullivan has helped out before).

The album is well balanced in tone and tempo. The rhythms have a hypnotic element, and the synths are warm and lush. The production of the album was well thought out. The vocals and harmonies are at the front and center of the mix with the synths and bass a tad further back, and the drums are nestled all around your ears.

In conclusion, I think this album can be listened to as background music, or focused on for the entire duration. It’s an extremely rewarding listen, which combines many ideas into a singular whole. Lyrically it sometimes feels a bit nonsensical, but I feel the vocals are there as another instrument and not necessarily as a vehicle for a message.

Have a listen to he album here, and feel free to share you thoughts in the comments section:


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2 thoughts on “The Review: Miracle – The Strife of Love in a Dream

  1. Great cover. That first track starts of reminiscent of Goblin, except fewer chord changes, and more modern than it breaks tempo for section B and A returns stronger than ever than another contrasting section. which for me is a bit long, but overall not bad. I couldn’t put this on as background, but to your point, it’s interesting enough to keep one’s attention. That second track, “Light Mind”, does sound like Depeche Mode and very 80’s style and could see that as more background acceptable. Both of these work very nicely for driving music, also. Will plan to listen to more later, particularly those two tracks you mention are the strongest.


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